17 jan Happy 9th Birthday to the Z uit 't Berggat leos

Zotte's verjaardag 014Zotte's verjaardag 015Zotte's verjaardag 007Zottebie sended a birthdaywish to her sister Zannekin :-) Zotte was spoiled with her house decorated, some presents and a plate full with yummie lambshearts.Zotte's verjaardag 008Zotte's verjaardag 009Zotte's verjaardag 011Zotte's verjaardag 013 > She only complained about that stupid hat. >Brother Zoran got a puppy for his birthday the lovely Hadiz zoranPICT1007PICT1014PICT1015zoran_hadiz25012009PICT1059zanne 16-01-2009   9>and our Zannekin didn't regret that on her birthday most of the monsters were gone. 1 pup altough named Happiness was more then enough as a present.

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